Tiny termites are one of the worse pests a homeowner can imagine. They can cause thousands of dollars in damage and even compromise the entire structure of your home. However, termite treatment is typically inconvenient for homeowners and can be unhealthy for them and their household goods. When you think about calling a professional pest control company to take care of a terrible termite invasion, it is common to envision a full-scale evacuation of people, pets, and plants, and potential damage to the home due to fumigation. Though these procedures can be a necessary part of ridding many residences of these uninvited insects, there is an effective non-chemical alternative called the Electro-Gun.

What is the Electro-Gun?

The Electro-Gun has been used as an alternative extermination product for over three decades, with good reason.

The Eletro-Gun innovatively uses a high voltage, high-frequency yet low current of electricity to affect termite colonies through the wood in the home. A trained exterminator targets an area of infestation by panning the probe on the Electro-Gun and then listening. The device’s pitch will change when it reaches a gallery of termites and eliminates them. The arc of electricity scatters over surfaces and goes into the termite tubes and galleries, killing their inhabitants but leaving the wood, walls, and wiring undamaged.

What is the Difference Between Electro-Gun and Traditional Termite Treatment?

There are several main differences between chemical treatments and treatments via Electro-Gun.

Electro-Gun Treatments:

  • No need to evacuate your home
  • All furniture, pets, plants, clothing, and goods may remain in the home
  • No residual danger to people or pets in the house
  • Damage-free (no risk to your roof, exterior plants, or satellite dishes)
  • Don’t emit radiation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Doesn’t damage the wiring in the home or burn the woodwork

Chemical Fumigation Treatments:

  • You must evacuate your home for three days, spending extra expense on a hotel
  • All furniture, pets, plants, clothing, and food must be removed from the home
  • Can require warm temperatures to work effectively
  • Very quickly eradicate termite infestations by penetrating little crevices and cracks
  • Suitable for whole-house treatment or when the technicians are uncertain of the extent of the termite galleries

The Effectiveness of the Electro-Gun

The Electro-Gun has been proved to be a very effective means of ridding homes of undesired termites. Between 98-100% of all exposed termites are killed within a month after the Electro-Gun is used to exterminate them. The Electro-Gun is especially effective on drywood termites, who live above ground in dry wood and often infest furniture, walls, and wood floors. Drywood termites can be difficult to detect, and a qualified exterminator is needed to identify and eliminate them. Drywood termite extermination via the Electro-Gun is very efficient, destroying 100% of those annoying critters, many immediately and the rest within a few weeks. The Electro-Gun can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with chemical or non-chemical treatments.

Occasionally, some termite infestations must be treated with chemical fumigation, such as severe infestations that affect the entire structure or when a pest control expert is unsure where the tunnels are or the extent of their size. However, many times, non-toxic measures such as the Electro-Gun are just as effective and can save a homeowner or business a lot of hassle. No matter which treatment is employed, this is not a pest problem to take care of on your own. Instead, schedule an inspection from your local pest control professionals, Target Pest Control, to ask if the Electro-Gun is right for ridding your place of pesky termites.