Termites are one of the biggest threats that homeowners face. These tiny pests can do significant damage to your home and property by eating away at the wood used in construction. Termites typically stay out of sight because the wood they feed on is often out of sight. Because of this, you must be proactive in your efforts to protect your home from termites. Fortunately, there are some treatment options that are both effective and non-invasive. One treatment option that can help you eliminate termites without disrupting your life is the Electro-Gun.

How does Electro-Gun termite treatment work?

Electro-Gun termite treatment basically electrocutes termites. The unique design of the Electro-Gun uses a combination of high-voltage and high-frequency to move through the wood and target termites. Basically, when the current experiences the change from wood to the open nests/galleries of termites, the brunt of the energy becomes focused on the area with the termites. This concentration of voltage can effectively kill off the termites.

Is Electro-Gun termite treatment dangerous for people or pets?

Electro-Gun termite treatment is a non-chemical option for eliminating termites. This means that there are no dangerous fumes associated with Electro-Gun treatment. You will not have to protect your family, pets, food, or plants during Electro-Gun treatment like you would if your home was being fumigated. There is no residue left behind from this treatment which means you and your family can safely return home immediately after treatment. In fact, you can stay in your home during treatment if you want.

What type of termites are susceptible to Electro-Gun treatment?

There is more than just one type of termite. Electro-Gun treatment is designed to eradicate drywood termites. These termites can infest wooden furniture, wood floors, and get into your walls. A trained technician can target areas of your home that are likely to be infested with drywood termites and eliminate them with the Electro-Gun. This device can be used to treat your entire home or a concentrated area such as a piece of antique wood furniture. Drywood termites can get into some spaces that are typically difficult to reach but the Electro-Gun can reach them. The Electro-Gun is a non-chemical and effective treatment option for drywood termites. The first step in determining if the Electro-Gun is the right treatment option for your home is to get a professional termite inspection. Before choosing a treatment option, you need to find out what type of termite is causing trouble in your home and the scope of the infestation. Once you have the results of the termite inspection you can determine if the Electro-Gun is the right termite treatment option for your home.