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I have been using Target Pest Control for a number of years now. When I tell my grandchildren the bug man is coming they get very excited. He has always been exceptionally nice and does a good job.

Casey L.

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Where Do Cockroaches Like to Hide?

Cockroaches are known to scurry through trash, sewers, and damp rooms such as basements or bathrooms. They always seem to come out of their hiding places just to give you a fright while on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night or while you are winding down in the evening with […]

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3 Spider Prevention Tips for Homeowners

Spiders can be found on every continent except Antarctica and can live in a variety of climates and environments. For the most part, they keep to themselves and provide an important role in the ecosystem by eating many pests and bugs. But you probably don’t want to find spiders creeping around the crevices of your […]

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Do Cockroaches Spread Disease?

Scientists estimate that cockroaches have been on planet earth for more than 300 million years. They have incredible adaptive abilities to survive all types of climates and environments. The United States Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organization have noted that cockroaches play a part in spreading disease and causing other health concerns. The EPA […]

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Do Spiders Crawl on You While You Sleep?

At the end of the night, you begin your bedtime routine. First a shower, then brush your teeth, go to the bathroom and finally turning off all the lights in the house. As you cozy into bed, the last thing you want to think about is whether or not spiders will crawl on you while […]

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How Do I Keep Cockroaches Out of My Home?

Cockroaches are some of the most adaptive creatures on the planet. They have learned how to survive in all kinds of conditions and environments. But your home should be a safe haven away from these pests, so knowing how to keep cockroaches out of your home is important information for any homeowner. To understand how […]

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