Termites are a prevalent problem in many places around the country and even the globe. In fact, termites are found on every continent of the world except for Antarctica. California is home to five different types of these destructive insects and in high activity areas, more than one in five homes are likely to see termite infestation at some point. Densely populated areas in California also have high populations of termites. Being keenly aware of signs of termites and keeping up with at least a yearly inspection by a professional will keep your Monterey home safe from the unrelenting damage caused by termites. 


Because the termites eat cellulose in boards causing structural damage to the home, the destruction can easily be extensive if not caught early. Light repels termites leaving them to cause destruction out of sight with little evidence on the surface of walls, wooden furniture, or wood floors. When the infestation is discovered, the damage can be so much that the home is now structurally compromised. In addition to at least a yearly inspection, be sure to have a professional inspect your home before you sell or before you buy to protect yourself from termite damage.

Evidence of termites around the house

Searching for signs of termites can be difficult because they stay out of sight. But if you see any evidence that your home has a termite infestation, you need to get your trusted pest control professional on the phone right away. Signs of termites to look for are:

  • Tube tunnels around the exterior foundation
  • The appearance of water damage on floors
  • Termite wings around exterior windows
  •  Weak paneling and boards in certain spots around your home.


When you call an experienced professional pest control technician to inspect your home for termites, the pro will leave no corner left unexplored in search of these bugs that can cause so much damage. Preparing your home for termite inspection will help the technician to thoroughly check your home in a timely manner. Clearing out items from dark places like crawl spaces, high unused cabinets, or items outside around the perimeter of the home will greatly help the technicians get a good look at your home.

Having a regular, yearly inspection for termites will help keep your home, family, and your wallet safe from the damaging effects of termites. With termites being such a common problem in Monterey, protect your home by calling the best pest control services in the state. Target Pest Control is prepared to rid your home of any termite infestation and to make sure they never return. Don’t let your home be the one out of five houses infested with termites. Call Target Pest Control today!