Whether you’re swatting mosquitos or dodging a cockroach as it scurries through your kitchen on the way to the next snack, it all pans out the same…no matter the season, there are always bugs to think about. Those little critters don’t take a holiday break to cozy up next to the fire; there are always bugs that are active and potential threats for infestation. There may be more or less to deal with at certain times, but it’s important to be vigilant about pests year-round – here are the bugs you need to worry about in the colder months.


Cockroaches typically can’t survive if it’s less than 15 degrees Fahrenheit; so, if it’s cold outside, they will likely do what most of us would do…seek warmth and shelter. Unfortunately, it’s highly likely that the shelter they seek will be someone’s home. It’s important to be aware that roaches will migrate indoors during the winter for survival purposes, so be sure you take preventative measures against an infestation.


Some ticks are not active at all during colder months, but certain species are. If you’re wandering through the woods looking for a Christmas tree, keep an eye out for ticks. Tick bites can be a significant health hazard, so vigilance is extremely important.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a threat all year long – even in the colder months. Bed bugs reproduce quickly, so it’s easy for one bed bug to turn into a full-fledged infestation if you aren’t careful. Bed bugs are always looking for a host to feed on and a ride to get to their next “home.” Be careful during the colder months, as there may be more opportunities for one of these little critters to sneak their way into your home. Traveling for the holidays? Be careful when choosing a hotel, and check the sheets and mattress to make sure there aren’t bed bugs that can hop in your suitcase for a ride back to your place. Going to a holiday party? Make sure you don’t toss your coat on a pile with everyone else’s…if someone else has bed bugs at their house and one of those little guys is on their coat or scarf, it won’t be long until they move to yours and head back to your nice, warm home.


Many beetles do just fine in colder months, finding ways to survive that usually involve invading the nearest house. While beetles are unlikely to cause any real damage to your home and aren’t a health hazard for humans, these bugs are very much a nuisance due to their sheer numbers and ability to turn up just about anywhere you look. Bugs are inevitable – we live, work, and play alongside them no matter the season. There are certain bugs to worry about in the colder months, so it’s important to be prepared. But the truth is, life has enough worries without adding bugs to the list. If you’re ready to stop worrying about bugs altogether, leave pest control to the professionals – call Target Pest Control this winter for a free estimate from a highly qualified professional.