No one wants to believe that they have cockroaches in their house. Roaches are a disgusting type of pest that has the ability to spread disease to humans. They can carry bacteria from the sewer and garbage on their bodies and transfer it to food in your pantry and eating surfaces in your kitchen. When you have a cockroach infestation, you are constantly at risk for getting ill from the bacteria they spread. The only way to ensure that you and your family remain healthy is to eliminate cockroaches from your home. Unfortunately, this pest can be difficult to eradicate. You need to do more than simply kill the cockroaches you see.

Why do you need to do more than kill the roaches you see?

It can be strangely satisfying to kill a cockroach that you see running across the kitchen floor. You may feel pleased after killing off such a disgusting pest. Killing one cockroach means that there is one less cockroach to cause you problems but that roach is only the tip of the iceberg. Roaches prefer to stay out of sight in damp, dark areas. If you see one out in the open it likely means that there are many other roaches in your home that you cannot see. In order to completely eradicate cockroaches from your home you need to target all of the roaches currently in the house as well as any roach eggs. You will continue to have issues with roaches until you take the steps necessary to eliminate them at the source.

What kills cockroaches and their eggs?

Killing the roaches and their eggs is essential if you want to eradicate them from your home. Spot treatment is not effective for eradication because it only targets the roaches that you see. In order to get rid of cockroaches completely, you need to target the areas where you have noticed roaches as well as the likely locations for roach nests. There are some DIY methods designed to get chemical insecticide to all of the areas of your home but these methods are not always effective in killing off cockroach eggs. The eggs are encased in a protective shell which makes many types of insecticide harmless. The best way to eliminate cockroach eggs is to find the nests and physically remove them. This process can be difficult to do if you are not trained to find and recognize roach nests. A pest control pro is your best bet if you are committed to fully removing cockroaches from your home. A cockroach infestation is gross and potentially dangerous. If you suspect a cockroach infestation in your home, take action! There are a ton of options for eradicating cockroaches at your local hardware or big box store if you want to try the DIY route. Or, you can bring in a pest professional from the very beginning and rest assured that the cockroaches and their eggs are effectively eliminated from your home.