If you see one ant, chances are many more will follow. The average ant colony can contain thousands of ants, but none of these are welcome guests in your Monterey County home! In California, these particular pests can be a real problem for homeowners to take care of on their own. Any ants in your home are annoying, and some carry diseases that can harm adults, children, or pets. In addition, carpenter ants can even compromise the structure of your house if they create numerous large tunnels.  To find the best ant control company for your Monterey County home, ask yourself these four questions:

How Much Experience Does the Ant Control Company Have?

In the world of pest control, experience is king! Ants are stubborn little insects, and you need a company that will be more persistent than they. So when you find those vexing vermin have taken up residence in or around your Monterey County home, you don’t just want any pest control company to help you rid your space of them. Instead, you need experts with decades of experience who treat you and your home with care. You want a company that will choose the most efficient treatment to effectively and safely eliminate ants from your home.

Does the Company Do a Thorough Job?

Thoroughness means that no crack is unsearched and no cranny unexplored. The best professional pest control companies know to leave no stone unturned in their search to eradicate ants from your home. When a company guarantees that “they don’t come back or we will until they are gone once and for all,” you know you have found the best ant control company, one you can trust to do a thorough job. At Target Pest Control, they implement Integrated Pest Management strategies to ensure that they understand your home, your needs, and your unwanted ants inside and out.

Does the Company Come Highly Recommended?

Using Yelp, Google, and other reviews websites can help you find the most stellar pest control company to help you get rid of aggravating ants. Also, interviewing local family and friends who have been so unfortunate to have ant infestation problems is a reliable way to find an excellent company. Word spreads when a pest control company is comprised of dedicated, highly-trained specialists in the ant extermination world.

Does the Company Offer Personalized Treatment?

Offering personalized treatment plans is an indicator of the very best in ant control companies. Assigning a dedicated technician to thoroughly get to know you, your property, and your infestation case is a characteristic of a company with fantastic customer service. Your ant control company also should offer routine maintenance and annual pest treatments to ensure those irritating insects stay out of your home forever.

If you see a few scout ants in your Monterey County home, they will likely invite their friends to set up residence in your house. With over 45 years of experience in pest control, Target Pest Control is the obvious choice for ant extermination in Monterey County, California. So live at peace and bug-free by calling Target Pest Control today.