Ants are one of the most common pests that homeowners deal with in California. There are thousands of species of ants in the world and over 200 of those are present in California. Several ant species are happy to spend their lives outside getting everything they need to survive and thrive. Unfortunately, there are a few species that can find their way into your Salinas home. The species that will attempt to get into your house often head straight for your kitchen. Understanding what ants are looking for, how they get inside, what problems ants can cause, and how to get rid of them are important pieces of information to know if your goal is to keep ants out of your kitchen.

What are ants looking for in my kitchen?

Ants seem to always be on the hunt for their next meal. They show up quickly when you are having a picnic or drop some food on the ground outside. Your kitchen is a place that is full of food which is a major attraction to ants. Ants will come into your kitchen in search of the crumbs on the counter or sticky spill on the ground your forgot to mop up. Open packages and spills in the pantry can also draw ants into your kitchen. An overflowing trashcan and food scraps in the sink are attractive to ants as well. As long as you plan to continue having food in your kitchen, ants will continue to be a potential threat.

How do ants get inside my kitchen?

Ants are one of the smallest pests that regularly bother homeowners. They can squeeze through breaches in your exterior that are difficult to see without close examination. In fact, the best way to find small breaches into your home is to follow the line of ants to discover where they are squeezing through. Regular home maintenance can help minimize the areas that allow ants inside.

What problems can ants cause in my kitchen?

Ants are on the hunt for food and not on the hunt for people. The type of ants you find in the kitchen are not typically dangerous to humans. However, that does not mean you want to see a line of ants marching into your pantry. The biggest threat that ants cause is the contamination of your food. No one wants to pour a bowl of cereal and see ants crawling around. Protecting against ants is important if you want to protect the food in your kitchen.

How do I keep ants out of my kitchen?

Sealing up breaches around your house and staying on top of cleaning are two ways that you can minimize the likelihood of ants coming inside. The small size of ants, however, can make it difficult to completely prevent them from getting inside without professional help. A pest control pro can spray and eradicate any ants currently in your kitchen and apply a protective barrier around your home to deter ants from coming inside again. It is possible to keep ants out of your kitchen with a few proactive steps. Wipe up spills right away, take out the trash regularly, check your house for breaches, and set up preventative pest control services to ensure that these tiny pests stay out of your kitchen.