If you’re a homeowner, you have plenty of pests to think about. Mosquitos plaguing the yard in the summer, ants making a superhighway through your kitchen, roaches trying to set up camp in the restroom and kitchen…although there are many things to think about when it comes to pest control in the home, rodent control should be near the top of the list. Even though some may seem small and unassuming, the truth is that rodents can cause a significant amount of damage to your home.


Rodents have strong teeth and like to use them. They will gladly chew their way through your home, gnawing on electrical cables, aluminum, metal, cardboard…you name it. Unfortunately, you may not notice their little bite marks until the problem has gotten out of hand – a quiet little mouse nesting in the attic can cause a lot of damage before its presence is discovered. It would be quite disappointing to try and turn the oven on to bake a batch of your favorite cookies, only to find out that a mouse has chewed through the electrical cord…or to try turning on the TV only to be greeted with a dark screen because the cables have been gnawed to pieces. It’s best to have a rodent control plan in place to avoid interruptions to your tasty treat-baking and TV-watching schedule.


Rodents (mice especially!) leave a lot of droppings behind in their wake of destruction. Having fecal matter and rodent urine spread throughout your home is certainly not ideal and can cause serious health problems when humans unintentionally come in contact with droppings. We all have plenty to clean up as it is in the course of our daily lives, so it’s best to keep rodents at bay and not add on even more to clean.

Holes in Furniture

That giant, plush couch cushion looks like a luxury hotel to rodents. They won’t hesitate to swiftly chew a hole through your couch in an attempt to set up shop inside. Better to deal with the rodent problem upfront than replace your favorite sofa or recliner!

Food and Utensil Contamination

Whatever rodents come in contact with is contaminated – and when they’re making their way through your pantry looking for dinner, it can cause a significant amount of damage to your food supply at home. If you find droppings in drawers or cabinets, beware – any utensils or dishes in the area should be sterilized in case a rodent passed over them, leaving urine and other germs all along the way. Rodents are not only unsanitary, carrying dangerous diseases and other maladies such as fleas – they can cause serious damage to your home and belongings. Keep an eye out for signs of rodent activity so you can catch the problem in the early stages. If you’re normally a DIY-type person, rodent control might be one area in which it would be wise to call a pro. If you’re located in Salinas, CA, call Target Pest Control today for a free estimate and consultation with a local rodent control professional.