Perhaps you’ve seen the signs here and there…holes chewed in boxes of inventory in your warehouse…droppings in that quiet corner of your house behind a rarely used chair. Or maybe you’ve heard the soft scritch-scratch and pattering of little feet as they run along their hidden paths behind the walls. Rodents are not just a gross inconvenience – they can cause damage to your property and pose health risks in your home and business. If you have a pest problem, here are some rodent control solutions for your property in Salinas, CA. 

Remove the Attraction

Rodents are often drawn to structures by a variety of things that attract them. Removing these items is a great first step to controlling rodents on your property. Start by thinking of their basic necessities – food, water, and shelter. Pet food left out in the open looks like a buffet to a rat or mouse, as does a trash bag that isn’t properly closed and disposed of in a sealed bin. Be sure you clean up crumbs in the kitchen and keep food products sealed in the pantry. Leaking pipes or faucets are an excellent water supply for rodents, so be sure to have those fixed at the first sign of a leak. Eliminate areas in the yard or around the structure that could be potential hiding places or shelters for the little pests, like firewood stacks or old toys strewn about the yard that haven’t been touched in months.

Seal Points of Access

If rodents are attracted to your property by things in the yard like pet food, water supply, and perfect hiding spots, it’s highly likely they will eventually breach the walls of your home. It’s important to keep your home properly sealed and well-maintained to ensure you don’t have a problem with rodents and their many, many little rodent friends. Cut branches back from touching the structure to eliminate “bridges” they might use to access your home. Seal vents to crawl spaces and laundry areas. Do a thorough examination of the property to ensure there aren’t holes around pipes or near cabinets and other hiding places. 

Call a Professional

Just because you CAN do something yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you SHOULD. Calling a professional is the absolute best solution for rodent control in Salinas, CA – especially if you call Target Pest Control. A qualified, licensed technician will come out for a full evaluation, address any infestations as soon as possible, and will make a plan for preventing recurring rodent problems on your property. 

If you have a rodent problem in the Salinas Area, keep your property as unappealing to rodents as possible – with no food, shelter, or water sitting out waiting for them! A rodent problem can be unnerving and destructive to your home, business, and health. If you live in the Salinas, CA area and would like a caring, competent professional to help make your property pest-free, call Target Pest Control today for a free estimate.