Spiders can be found on every continent except Antarctica and can live in a variety of climates and environments. For the most part, they keep to themselves and provide an important role in the ecosystem by eating many pests and bugs. But you probably don’t want to find spiders creeping around the crevices of your house or threatening to bite you or your family. Homeowners can use these three spider prevention tips to keep pests from invading your sacred space.

Why Do Spiders Come Inside?

Before learning how to prevent spiders, it’s important to understand the reasons they want to come in your home in the first place. Spiders are similar to humans in the reasons they seek refuge in our homes. They are looking for shelter, food and water. Our prevention tips focus on cutting off food and water sources and making it difficult for them to make their way inside for shelter so that spiders will wander elsewhere to meet their basic needs.

Spider Prevention Tips for Homeowners

  • Patch up any holes or crevices in the exterior and interior walls of your home and keep your home clean and clutter-free. Spiders like to find dark spaces to make their webs and remain unnoticed. It’s important to keep your home nice and sealed so they don’t have a chance to make their way inside. With some attention, you can often do a quick inspection and make small repairs and clean-ups that will make a world of difference.
    • Seal up cracks in masonry or foundation
    • Make sure door sweeps and weather stripping is in good condition around doors
    • Inspect doors and windows to ensure they close properly
    • Repair broken or damaged window or door screens
    • Remove clutter around the exterior of the home or in attics
    • Clean old spider webs and dust often
  • To prevent spiders from finding food in your home, resolve any other pest infestations. Since other bugs are spiders’ prey, they will often be attracted to a home where other bugs currently reside. Keep food sealed and clean messes quickly to prevent bugs from invading. If you notice a bug infestation that you are unable to control on your own, a professional may be needed to keep the issue from growing.
  • Have a pest control company provide regular services to offer preventative measures against a spider invasion. A quality exterminator will anticipate the needs of your home and provide you with a plan to protect your most valuable asset. Because a regular plan allows the company to frequently service your home, they can quickly detect issues and resolve them without much intrusion or damage to your home.

These prevention tips will help keep your home spider-free. If you are in need of a pest control specialist in the Monterey County area to care for all of your extermination needs, our experts at Target Pest Control would love to provide you with a full inspection and quote. Contact us today to speak with one of our representatives.