Seeing a single spider in your house can be quite alarming as it creeps across the ceiling or scurries under the couch. Although spiders are incredibly beneficial in keeping the overall bug population down in and around your home, the thought of a spider crawling on you while you sleep is more than unsettling. While a professional pest control company can eliminate every spider in your home, the presence of one spider does not mean you necessarily have an infestation. Spiders do not live in colonies or groups so seeing one spider in your home doesn’t mean there are more behind the walls. There are a few things to consider before concluding that you have a major spider problem on your hands.

Reasons for spiders being in your home

Always take weather into consideration when you see a spider perched on its web or hiding under a forgotten sock. If your area has had back to back rainy days, a clever spider will always find their way in to avoid being washed down the spout. Times of intense heat or drought could also make a spider come inside your home in search of water.

Another reason for a spider to be in your home is that your home has food. While spiders aren’t going to slurp up your crumbs like a cockroach or call in the calvary like an army of ants when a speck of sugar is found, keeping your home free of crumbs, spills, and overflowing trash could also keep spiders out of your home. The insects who love to eat the food and trash in your home make up the ideal meal for a spider. Keeping a tidy home could make a big difference in how many insects, and therefore spiders, come into your house.

When do you have an infestation?

If you find multiple spiders in your home regardless of the weather or how tidy you are, it is very possible that you do have a spider infestation. A female spider can lay over a thousand eggs at one time which can significantly increase the spider population in your home once they hatch. While many of the newly hatched spiders will go find their own territory to catch food, many may stay and occupy any empty corner you have with their webs. 

In Pacific Grove, your home may have a significant spider presence that leaves you on edge.  If you suspect you have an infestation of spiders, calling in a professional will only put your mind at ease. If you do not have an infestation, it is nice to know you won’t have these eight-legged friends crawling around your home for long. If it is an infestation, you already have a professional in your home who can completely eradicate the problem.  For a pest inspection and for spider control, give the experienced team at Target Pest Control a call today.