As the world becomes alive again with sunshine and exciting summer plans, the insect community is also ready to come out and start their activities as well. If you are wondering who you should hire for pest control in Pacific Grove for services all year long including this summer, finding the best pest service will help you relax knowing your home or business are in good hands.


Time spent in the field can give a technician practice and knowledge of how best to eradicate a particular pest. When looking for the best pest control service, experience is key. An experienced exterminator will be able to confidently reassure you how best to take care of the pest problem and guarantee the pests won’t be back.

The right pest control company can make all the difference when it comes to getting pests out of your house or business so you can focus on what is really important to you.

What kind of pests should I expect this summer?

As the season heats up, you may notice an increase in a few pests. Pests are ready to make some serious gains over these warm months with the resources in your home.

  • Rodents, like mice and rats, may have sought shelter in or near your home over the cold winter. It is very possible that, unless you eradicate the infestation, the mice may still be present but they will be more active out and about instead of in your home.
  • Ants can be around all year long but as soon as the winter stores are depleted, the ants are ready to start stocking up for the next winter. You may find them more frequently in your kitchen and bathroom looking for sugary spills or crumbs to take back to their mound. Keep a sharp eye out for a bigger, dark red or black ant trailing along your walls. This could be the destructive Carpenter ant that can cause structural damage to your house.
  • Cockroaches climb and scamper through all types of filth and trash. They can carry bacteria from sewers and other disgusting places right into your home. They can even hide inside the toilet bowl. Warm weather encourages breeding which leaves you with a whole lot more cockroaches.
  • Termites become more active as the temperature rises. Activity for termites involves eating and laying more eggs which translate to a bigger infestation and more damage done to your home.

If you have seen any of the above critters crawling around your home or buzzing around your property, hiring the best pest control company in Pacific Grove will eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand. For a friendly, experienced pest control team, contact Target Pest Control today.