If you have identified termites in your beloved Salinas home, or if you are wanting to set up a regular inspection to prevent termites from destroying your property, you will want to hire a professional to evaluate your home sooner rather than later. But for most people, their home is their biggest investment as well as a comfortable, safe place to raise their families and find a respite from the stress of work. You don’t want to settle for an okay service to protect your home from the damaging eating habits of termites. Hiring a company that is the best termite inspector in Salinas, CA, will allow you to truly relax, knowing your home is well taken care of.  By looking at experience, treatment options, and reviews, you will be able to confidently choose the right pest control company to inspect and treat your home for termites.


In an industry like pest control, experience is everything. Understanding the nuanced places to search for termite entry, and sources that attract termites comes with experience. Trained technicians can identify situations that are drawing in termites as well as treat the home after the evidence is found. This is important in not only eradicating these home-destroying insects but also making sure they never come back. If a pest control company is well trained and educated, that will definitely be a positive thing. But if a company has lived and worked in central California and has experience treating homes and businesses for termites, the benefits are exponential to help your termite problem become a thing of the past.

Treatment Options

Treating your home for termites needs to be done quickly and thoroughly. You do not want to assume you treated the entire infestation only to realize later down the road that some of the termites were untreated and now are thriving at the expense of your home! There are many different ways to treat homes for termites:

  • Chemical sprays and foams can be sprayed into the walls through tiny holes to eliminate any termite colonies behind the walls.
  • Treating the wood of your home during the building process is an excellent way to prevent termites from ever becoming a problem. But this, unfortunately, does not help current homeowners.
  • Soil treatment can be placed in a dug trench around the perimeter of the home to act as a barrier from subterranean termites from finding their way into your home
  • Bait systems can be placed around the property in strategic spots that will provide a poison that termites will take back to the colony.
  • Green options by trained technicians, like heating the home to a blistering 120 degrees or using an electro-gun that identifies and kills termites with high frequency and high voltage.


Recommendations from family and friends are always, hands down, the best way to know if a pest control company is worth hiring. If you do not have any family in the area, combing through online reviews is more time-consuming, but a very beneficial way to find real-life information about a company before you hire them. When a company has a reputation of being caring, friendly, and considerate, while also being known for its thoroughness and experience, you can feel comfortable that you have found the best termite inspector in Salinas, CA.

Don’t put off starting a yearly inspection of your home from the expensive damage of termites. Keep your home, family, and your wallet safe from the damaging effects of termites by calling a professional who has a plan and the experience to treat your home and property for termites. If you are in Salinas, CA, and need to set up an initial inspection and a yearly treatment plan to control and prevent termites from eating your home, choose the best termite inspectors by calling Target Pest Control today.