Cockroaches are known to scurry through trash, sewers, and damp rooms such as basements or bathrooms. They always seem to come out of their hiding places just to give you a fright while on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night or while you are winding down in the evening with your favorite show. Because cockroaches never travel alone, you know that the lone cockroach that just shot out from under your refrigerator is only evidence that there are more cockroaches lurking around your home. But where are the cockroaches hiding?  To figure out where the cockroaches hide, you have to first think like a cockroach. Almost every moment of their lives is driven with one, singular thought and that thought is all about food.

If you drop it, they will come

Cockroaches’ favorite spots around your home provide them with food. The kitchen is a great place to pick up a tiny snack because not only do people eat in the kitchen, food is also prepared there. Where clumsy humans are, food will be dropped on the floor in between the countertops and the oven, dripped drinks from the refrigerator, vegetable peels and ends that fall to the floor and roll away, never to be discovered again.

Cockroaches can be found hiding underneath the refrigerator, oven, or near the microwave and toaster. Always on the hunt for a tasty treat, cockroaches will scurry under the nearest towel or appliance when they hear you coming.

Under sinks

Cockroaches are also particularly fond of the plumbing pipes under the sinks. If one pipe  is a little leaky, the warmth of a kitchen or bathroom that has been recently showered in, combined with the added moisture is the perfect environment for a cockroach.


If a cockroach discovers your pantry, you better believe they aren’t going far from that mega food source. Cockroaches will hide in hard to see areas in and around your cabinets and pantry

Health risks

Cockroaches are known for skittering through all types of filth, bringing harmful bacteria straight into your clean home. Besides, infecting your surfaces and food with bacteria that can leave you quite unwell, cockroach droppings, also called frass, can cause allergic reactions when swept or vacuumed, throwing the tiny particles in the air. Similarly, cockroaches can increase asthma symptoms as well.

A cockroach infestation is not fun and trying to find all the hiding places that cockroaches take shelter in can be difficult. But cockroaches can be eliminated swiftly and completely if you know just where to look.  If you suspect a cockroach infestation, call the professionals to treat your home and eliminate these pests. For Monterey homeowners, give our team at Target Pest Control a call today.