When you think of termite treatment, what comes to mind? Many people imagine a giant tent covering their house for days to eliminate termites. The giant tent you see is part of a process called structural fumigation. Structural fumigation is an effective option for eradicating termites. Fortunately, structural fumigation is not the only option for termite treatment. If you are looking into termite treatment options, there is a point when you may need to consider structural fumigation. Understanding the basics of termite treatment will help you in the process of choosing the treatment option that is best for you.

How does structural fumigation work?

Structural fumigation is a process that can get termiticide into every nook and cranny of your home. The termiticide used in structural fumigation is in gas form. It has the ability to pass through walls and floors to ensure that any termites that are hiding get eliminated. The tent that you see covering a house that is getting fumigation is designed to keep all of the termiticides inside the structure. The tent protects the people nearby from being exposed to the termiticide and makes the fumigation process more successful by giving the termiticide time to permeate every area.

When do I need to consider structural fumigation?

Structural fumigation is only necessary for the most severe termite infestations. You do not need to consider structural fumigation until the infestation reaches a critical level. The question is, however, how do you know when that happens. First, you need to deal with termites as soon as you discover their presence. Leaving a small termite infestation to continue growing will cause tons of problems in the future. Only a termite expert can tell you if your infestation is at a level that requires structural fumigation. Get scheduled for a professional termite inspection and then talk with your termite pro about the options for treatment.

How do I prepare for structural fumigation?

If you find out that your home needs structural fumigation, there are some steps you will need to take to prepare. Items like food, medications, plants, and pets all need to be removed from the property. If you want to leave food and medication in your home, there are specially designed bags that you can use so they remain safe throughout the fumigation. You and anyone who lives in the home will have to make arrangements to stay somewhere else for several days. Structural fumigation takes time to be completely effective. The termite company you choose for structural fumigation will provide you with instructions on what you need to do to prepare for this process. Structural fumigation is a process that will cause some disruption to your life for a few days – there is no way to get around that. If structural fumigation is the only way to completely eradicate your home from termites, then it is worth the trouble. Get in touch with Target Pest Control to schedule a termite inspection and discuss termite treatment options.