Spiders are scary! There are few pests that create the level of panic that spiders can cause. Even though these eight-legged pests are common, there are still many adults who run in fear when one scuttles by. Is the thought of having spiders in your Salinas home one of your worst nightmares? If you have discovered one or more spiders inside your house, there are steps you can take to get them out and keep them out.

Do some spring (or fall) cleaning

Many types of spiders leave evidence of their presence in your home by creating webs. Corners and out-of-the-way spots like under furniture are favorites for spiders. If you have an area of the house that is barely used, it is easy for spiders to establish a home in that area. Get to work on a little spring cleaning to eliminate any spider webs that you discover. This will not eliminate the spiders in your house but it can help you keep track of whether or not you still have spiders later on. If you remove spider webs and apply treatment – and then see new webs – you will know that the treatment needs to be reapplied.

Do some routine maintenance around your house

Spiders can get into your home through some surprisingly small gaps and holes. You may never be able to seal your home up so tightly that no spiders ever get back in. You can, however, make it as difficult as possible for spiders to find their way inside. The most common areas for breaches are around doors and windows. Look for signs that your doors or windows are not closing properly. If you feel air coming in around your doors or windows then you may need to make some repairs. Oftentimes, some new weather stripping and caulk can make a big difference in the number of pests that find their way into your home.

Bring in some professional help

The best way to deal with spiders that are already in your house is to bring in some professional help. A pest control pro can apply a treatment that will kill the spiders that found their way inside. You can also invest in preventative treatment that is designed to deter or kill pests before they make their way inside. This type of treatment is applied to the perimeter of your house on a routine basis to ensure that it is continuously protected. If you take the threat of spiders in your Salinas home seriously, reach out to the spider experts at Target Pest Control. You can get help eradicating the spiders that are inside your home and preventing more from making their way inside. Get in touch to receive a free quote and discuss treatment options based on your specific needs.