There are over 45,000 known spider species found around the world and 60 types of spiders living in California. Female spiders can lay up to 1000 eggs in one egg sac and some females can lay up to 20 egg sacs in a lifetime, all depending on the species of spider. You can easily see how a spider problem can quickly turn into a full-fledged infestation, leaving you and your family on edge as these eight-legged arachnids creep across your surfaces and hide in clothes or blankets left on the floor. After hearing one blood-curdling scream from your spouse, child, or even unpredictably coming from your own mouth, you may be asking yourself, “What should I do if I have a spider infestation in my home?”

Why do I have spiders?

Spiders, like all other species of animals, seek two main things, food, and water. Water in your home in the form of a leaky faucet or high humidity can attract spiders. Some species of spiders get their water from their food. If your home creates a good environment for spider food, you will likely also attract spiders. Spiders eat other pesky pests in your home so if you leave food out on the counter, have crumbs in secluded places throughout the home, or have excessive trash, you can attract insects that spiders love to eat. Keeping a tidy, clean home is the best way to keep all pests out, including spiders.

How to treat my home for spiders?

Treating your home for spiders can vary in effectiveness and longevity. If you would like to treat spiders yourself, you can try:

  • Spider traps
  • Insecticides that kill on contact
  • Indoor insecticide barriers
  • Natural repellents like essential oils

But if you really do not want to suffer the fright of seeing a spider scampering across your kitchen floor or have to go to the ER with a brown recluse bite, call a professional pest control company that guarantees a spider-free zone. Even if you occasionally see a new intruding spider, you can rest knowing that it won’t be around for long.

How do I keep spiders from coming into my home? Pest control services can come to your home at regular intervals to ensure that your house is protected from all sorts of pests, including web weaving, long-legged arachnids. If you are in the Salinas, CA area and want to treat your home for spiders, Target Pest Control has a treatment plan to fit your needs. If you just want a one-time spray, or if you would rather have a monthly or bi-monthly treatment for pests in your home, call Target Pest Control today!