Just the thought of bugs eating away at the very structure of their home is enough to make a homeowner shudder in fear. Termites are small but highly destructive pests – they can multiply quickly into a colony that has the potential to cause a significant amount of structural damage. If you believe you have termites and find yourself wondering, “What should I do if I find out I have a termite infestation?” – it’s time to take action. Every moment that passes increases the amount of damage they could be causing to your property.

  1. Do not disturb the areas you believe are infested by termites.

Termites can sense movements and disturbances around them and will automatically move to a different part of the structure if they sense danger. Be careful to not disturb the area, so that if you do have termites the damage can be contained as much as possible.

  1. Call a professional for a termite inspection.

Some signs that seem to be termites may be other types of pests or remnants left over from a past infestation. It’s important to allow a professional to confirm the presence of termites. A professional termite inspection will give a comprehensive overview of the situation, including what parts of the property are infested if there are termites present. Once the inspection is complete, a termite pro will be properly informed to discuss the next steps for treating and exterminating the infestation.

  1. Allow a termite control professional to fumigate the property.

Professional extermination is very important, especially when it comes to termites. If any termites are left behind after fumigation, they can quickly multiply and leave you right back where you started. Professional termite treatments will effectively and efficiently eradicate the infestation, ensuring your property is termite-free. This step may be quite inconvenient if the infestation is extensive, as it may be necessary to vacate the home during treatment. However, it is best to sure the problem is completely eradicated during the treatment process.

  1. Take preventative measures to keep your property termite-free in the future.

Once your house is rid of termites, it’s important to take the proper steps to ensure they don’t return. Keep firewood and brush stacked far away from the house and reduce any lumber-to-soil contact around the property. It’s ideal that only the foundation is in contact with the soil wherever possible. Trim branches and shrubs that brush up against the home, and make sure any wooden fences or other items in the yard do not begin to rot or show signs of termites. It’s a good idea to schedule regular treatments from a termite pro as well, just to be very sure none of the little wood-chomping critters try to feast on your property once again. It can be extremely overwhelming to find out you have a termite infestation. Termites can cost you a significant amount of time and money, especially if the problem isn’t handled by a trained professional. If you just found out you have a termite infestation and are located in Salinas, CA, take action right away – call Target Pest Control for a free estimate today.