Spiders are common everywhere in the world and do a great deal to reduce the population of other insect pests. As with so many other places, Salinas, CA, is home to a variety of spider species. Knowing how to identify some of the most common spiders in Salinas will help you to know if you have encountered a venomous spider or how you should eradicate it from your property. If ever you don’t feel comfortable getting rid of a spider on your own, giving a local pest control service a call can help eliminate all spiders from your Salinas home.

Types of spiders in Salinas

Black Widow Spider: One of the most noteworthy spiders to be able to identify is the Black Widow.  Black widows are known to inhabit various parts of California, including Salinas. They are venomous and are recognized by their shiny black color and distinctive red hourglass marking on the underside of their abdomen. Black Widows also leave behind a messy looking web so even if you don’t see the spider itself, you can be sure to stay away.

Orb-Weaver Spiders: These spiders belong to the family Araneidae and are known for their intricate, wheel-shaped webs. They come in various colors and sizes, and many species can be found in Salinas. Some orb weavers have bright, distinctive markings like stripes and bright yellow coloring. But the best way to identify an orb weaver is from their beautiful, neat webs. Orb weaves are not venomous.

Jumping Spiders: Jumping spiders are known for their keen eyesight and the ability to leap on their prey. They are generally small and can be found in a wide range of habitats, including gardens and homes. They move in sporadic bursts instead of creeping along like other spiders. They are very unlikely to bite and probably won’t even break the skin if they do..

Wolf Spiders: Wolf spiders are ground-dwelling spiders that are often large and hairy. They do not build webs to catch prey but actively hunt for it. They can be found in gardens and outdoor areas. Wolf spiders can blend in with the ground quite impressively so you may not see it at all until it moves. Though they will try to avoid you at all costs, Wolf spiders will bite if they feel trapped and it can feel like a wasp sting, though it does not present any more health effects in the majority of cases.

Crab Spiders: Crab spiders are named for their crab-like appearance. They often sit and wait for prey on flowers or plants. Their coloration can vary to match their surroundings. Crab spiders can be brightly colored and interestingly patterned and will definitely get your attention if you are to spot one. But they are not venomous to humans.

Call a professional

If you are spotting several spiders in your home or if you have come across a Black Widow spider, do not hesitate to give Target Pest Control a call today. We are ready to eliminate any spiders you do not want lurking around your Salinas home.