When it comes to keeping termites out of your home, calling a professional who has the experience and tried and true treatment plan can be an easy, stress-free decision to keep your home clean and family safe from the destructive habits of termites. But for those who are concerned about the safety of using chemical treatments in homes with children or pets, or the wider effects of chemicals on the environment, finding the right pest control company can be difficult. Fortunately, as the world becomes more aware of adverse effects from manmade chemicals, pest control companies are beginning to include treatment options without the use of chemicals and poisons to meet the needs and concerns of their customers. Using green treatment options, like the electro-gun, can rid your home of the termites while eliminating any potential risk of leaving behind harmful chemicals. You may be asking yourself, “What is electro-gun termite treatment?” It has actually been around for over 30 years and has been highly effective in treating homes for termites.

Non-chemical treatment option

While using absolutely no chemicals, the electro-gun treatment system is a highly effective localized treatment that uses high frequency and high voltage that kills termites with electroshock. The electro-gun does not burn or damage wood or ruin electricity wires and does not emit radiation. Homes, hotels, hospitals, apartments, and nursing homes have all been treated using this American-made green option for treating termites.

How does it work?

Pest control trained technicians will use the electro-gun to scan an area where a suspected nest is and will be able to determine if there is a termite gallery found inside the wood. The electro guns hum will change when a termite infestation is found and an electrical current will penetrate the termite nest, killing all of the house-eating insects on contact. The electro-gun is highly effective for drywood termites, as well as subterranean termites when found in the wooden frame and beams of your home.

Is it safe?

Keeping chemicals out of your home is always a good thing, especially when you have children or pets who could be harmed by accidental ingestion. But another big downside to using chemicals is the possible residue it can leave on your belongings. To prevent this from happening, many pest control services require you to remove them from the premises. This can be a big hassle to take all food, fish tanks, plants, and medications out of the home before it is fumigated. You will have to wait after treatment before you can return safely to your home.

Fortunately, this is not the case when treating your home with the electro-gun system! You can even stay in your house while your home is being treated. There are no side effects and your home and belongings will be free of termites without using chemicals. If you are in Monterey County and are wanting a green, chemical-free option for treating your home for termites, call the experienced and helpful team at Target Pest Control to safely rid your home of termites.