California is home to over 60 species of spiders including three kinds of highly venomous varieties of widows. Most spiders are harmless and prefer to avoid human contact. But all spiders can scurry, creep, and dangle, which is more spider activity in your home than you want. For some people, the sight of a single spider can be highly alarming, though the panic ends as soon as the spider is squashed or placed outside. But seeing two or more spiders in your Salinas home in one day feels like an infestation. If you would prefer to appreciate these interesting little web weavers from afar and would rather one not creep across your face while you are sleeping, then you need the best spider control company in Salinas, CA, Target Pest Control. The team at Target Pest Control cares about their customers and uses their skills and experience to keep your home pest-free, even of those eight-legged creepers.


If unhindered, spiders can set up shop in your home, quickly getting comfortable. To discourage this home takeover from happening, hiring a pest control company with experience on how to deal with the most common spider infestations in Salinas is a must. Target Pest Control is a third-generation family-owned company that has been working in Salinas, CA for over 45 years. They know the territory and understand how to best clear your home of spiders, as well as other tiny home invaders.

Treatment Plans

Finding the right treatment plan for your home is important to keep your home pest-free and your mind at ease. With Target Pest Control in Salinas, CA, you can have a one-time treatment, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly inspection and treatment to make sure your eight-legged roommates never try to move back in. Spiders are experts at finding nooks, crawl spaces, and high corners to live in as they hunt their prey. Target Pest Control has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and if you see any spiders creeping along your bathroom floor, Target Pest Control will be back free of charge. 

Customer Care

For Target Pest Control, taking care of their customers is a top priority. Giving special attention to the concerns of customers and details of the home before spraying set Target Pest Control apart. They aim to get the job done right the first time so you don’t have to wonder if a spider will be snug as a bug in your house slippers when you wake up and can only think about getting the coffee started.  If you want your home to be thoroughly treated for spiders while having friendly, thoughtful technicians service your home, call Target Pest Control today! Kick those spiders to the curb and keep them out of your Salinas home for good.