Having termites in your home is one of the most feared scenarios every homeowner dreads to hear. Termites can cause expensive damage to a home as they increase their colonies of wood eating bugs every single day. A termite queen can lay thousands of eggs a day and each baby that is hatched turns into one of these house destroying machines. Calling the best termite control experts in Hollister, CA if you even suspect termites may be an issue will stop the damage being done to your home daily and rid your walls, roof, and floor of every last termite.

Termite treatment and prevention

When it comes to your home, the best treatment plan for termites goes hand and hand with prevention. You will want to set up a regular inspection and treatment appointment with a termite professional today even before you actually see evidence of termites. The threat of termites causing significant damage in your home is real and likely, and can easily be prevented with a routine inspection by a professional pest control company.

What happens in a termite inspection?

An initial termite inspection is when a pest professional comes to your home and looks in key areas for possible termite activity. Termites need food and water in order to survive. The wood in your home is enough to feed a large colony of termites. Water in your home can be a big attraction for termites. If there are any leaky faucets or places where water is allowed to accumulate or drip, the termite professional will thoroughly go over these areas. If the termite control technician sees evidence of termites, they will then make a recommendation for treatment of your home and they will also make an assessment of the damage that has already been done to your home.

The pest professional will look around pipes and in cool places like in basements for any damaged wood or wood that appears warped and blistered. If there is any paneling that can be easily removed near pipes in the walls, the technician will want to take a look . But termite activity can be found outdoors as well. The inspector will look around the foundation for signs of subterranean termites who make mud tunnels attached to the foundation. If you allow flower bed mulch or soil to get above your foundation line, this can be an easy way to allow termites to get into your home.

If you are needing termite control experts in Hollister, CA, give the experienced team at Target Pest Control a call today to set up your first inspection so that you can prevent your home from being damaged by termites.