Termites are a threat in most parts of the world, and California is no exception. A termite infestation can cause extensive damage to the structure of your property, potentially resulting in significant financial loss and interruption of your daily life. If you’re looking for termite control and exterminators in Salinas, CA, look no further than Target Pest Control.

Termite Inspection

The first step for exterminators working in termite control is a full inspection of the property, in order to determine where the termites are located and the extent of their reach. Target Pest Control uses an approach called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which means a treatment plan for addressing immediate needs as well as routine preventative care is developed based on the unique needs of your property. Once a termite inspection is complete, your pest control pro will offer recommendations on the best course of treatment to eradicate the current infestation and ensure there are no recurrences in the future.

Electro-Gun Termite Treatment

Traditional methods for treating termites can be disruptive to your schedule and pose a risk to you and your loved ones due to chemicals used in certain types of fumigation. If you’re looking for a green, non-hazardous approach to termite control, Target Pest Control has just the solution for you.

An Electro-Gun uses high frequency and high voltage to kill termites with a powerful electrical current that can reach through the wood all the way back to their nests. The Electro-Gun does not use chemicals, nor does it require tenting – so your personal items do not have to be removed from the home and there is no risk of damage to the exterior as there is with structural fumigation. Because no chemicals are used, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be safe after the treatment is complete. Because the Electro-Gun is hand-held, it is versatile and a great option for termite extermination in any area that is accessible for the equipment.

Preventative Termite Control

Target Pest Control goes above and beyond the elimination of a termite infestation. With over 40 years in the pest control business, the importance of ongoing preventative treatment is well-recognized and encouraged for clients who have experienced termite problems in the past. As part of Target’s Integrated Pest Management system, you will receive a recommendation for a full preventative plan to keep your property protected from termites in the long run. Furthermore, your pest control pro can point out specific areas of your home that may be serving as access points for termites and other pests, allowing you the opportunity to seal up gaps before more undesirable critters make their way in. It may be tempting to try DIY methods when it comes to pest control – but the truth is, the best way to protect your property from financial loss and extensive damage is to hire a professional exterminator to handle termite control for you. If you’re located in Salinas, CA, you have access to the best termite control services around – touch base with Target Pest Control today to set up a termite inspection and get a free estimate for service.