Rodents are a legitimate threat to your property – they multiply quickly, carry diseases, and can cause significant property damage. If you have a to-do list when it comes to your home maintenance responsibilities, rodent control should be pretty close to the top! Here are some rodent control tips for homeowners:

  1. Secure the perimeter.

There are a lot of exterior conditions that could be inviting rodents into your home. Yardwork is an important part of rodent control – keep your grass mowed and lawn tidy to avoid these little pests seeking refuge in the tall grass or under a woodpile that’s been in the same place since the beginning of time. Correcting conditions in the yard that attract rodents is a great first step in keeping them as far away from the structure of your home as possible.

  1. Seal the structure.

Your home should be a practically impenetrable fortress when it comes to rodents. Be vigilant in your regular inspections for any maintenance needed – seal cracks, install door sweeps, fill holes around cable and internet entry points, and put a grate or other covering that allows airflow over the breathable vent openings to the foundation if you have a pier and beam house. The name of the game is to keep your house as sealed as possible in the event that a rodent defies your secure perimeter.

  1. Clean, clean, clean.

Keeping your house clean will remove much of what attracts rodents in the first place. Don’t just do a surface clean – deep clean to ensure you get anything that could attract rodents… even the little pieces of cereal and other delicious treats that have fallen onto the pantry shelves over time or that half-eaten cookie that fell through the couch cracks during your last movie night.

  1. Set traps.

If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, it’s important to identify the type of rodent it is so you can set appropriate traps. Rodents can vary significantly in size, so know what you’re dealing with before you go out and buy a tiny mousetrap to try and catch an enormous rat.

  1. Call a pro.

Rodent control can be a complex process and is one that does not end. As a homeowner, you must constantly be on the offense and defense when it comes to rodent control. If you have enough on your plate, call a professional to come alongside you. A pro will know exactly what to look for, how to determine what type of rodent you’re up against, eliminate the problem, and prevent future issues…which means that all of those tasks are no longer on your to-do list! If you own a home, rodent control should be a priority. Avoiding a rodent infestation will protect what is likely to be your largest asset and will keep you and your family free from exposure to the many diseases and germs rodents can carry. If you’re looking for a pro to help with rodent control, call Target Pest Control today for a free estimate.