No matter what type of property you own in Monterey County – single-family, multi-family, or a business – you need to think about pest control. Pests such as roaches, rodents, termites, ants, and spiders cause problems for property owners throughout Monterey County. Some pests threaten the structure of your property while others can cause problems for the people who are in your property. You can protect your investment and the people around you from the threat of pests by investing in professional pest control for your property in Monterey County.

Pests that threaten your property

There are some pests that are more than a simple annoyance. These pests can cause damage to your home and to the items inside of it. The two main pests that cause damage are termites and rodents. Termites can eat away at the wood of your property around the clock. The damage that termites cause can impact the foundation of your property and lead to the need for expensive repairs. There are some termites that will eat away at wood floors and wooden furniture. Another type of pest that can damage your property and possessions is the rodent. Mice and rats can chew on building materials and tear up items to make their nests. The fact that these pests threaten your property should prompt you to take quick action against them.

Pests that threaten the people who are in your property

Some types of pests can threaten the people who live or work at your property. Both roaches and rodents can spread disease to humans. These pests can get into your food supply and contaminate it. They can also leave bacteria behind on the surfaces they crawl over. If you prepare food on or touch those surfaces you can unknowingly pick up harmful bacteria. These pests can also cause problems for people with breathing issues. Spiders are another type of pest that property owners in Monterey County worry about. Most spiders are harmless but there are a few types that have dangerous bites. The best course of action with any type of pest that can be harmful to people is to bring in a pest professional as soon as possible.

Pest control options for property owners in Monterey County

There are a number of pest control options for property owners in Monterey County. The first step in the process is to schedule a pest inspection for your property. Once a professional has inspected your property, you can set up a pest treatment and prevention plan that will keep your property continuously protected against pests. Your pest pro will recommend treatment if you have an active infestation and let you know about options for regularly scheduled preventative services. Property owners in Monterey County can get help with pest treatment and prevention from the pros at Target Pest Control. You can schedule a free inspection and get your questions about pest control answered by reaching out to Target Pest Control online or by phone.