Ant infestations are more than just an annoyance – certain types of ants can actually cause structural damage to your home. If you have an ant problem, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to eliminate the infestation before you end up with a major problem that needs to be handled. Here is how to get rid of an ant infestation:

Identify the Type of Ant

Are you dealing with ants, or are they carpenter ants? Are they carpenter ants, or could they actually be termites that just look similar to ants? If you don’t know what type of ant (or termite!) you’re dealing with, it will be difficult to properly quell the infestation. Carpenter ants and termites can cause serious structural damage to the home, so it’s important to get professional pest control if you find them on your property.

Identify the Cause

It’s crucial to identify the root cause of any problem when you’re attempting to resolve it – an ant infestation is no different. Is there a piece of hidden, rotting food that they’re feasting on? Do your kids sneak food into their bedrooms, leaving a buffet line of crumbs for ants to enjoy? Identify any conditions in your home that might be conducive to an ant infestation and eliminate those conditions as soon as possible. 

Treat the Active Problem

Once you have taken care of the environmental conditions that might be attracting the ants in the first place, you must eliminate the active infestation. There are several options when it comes to ants, so you have the freedom to choose the one that’s right for you and your home. Ant baits can be very effective when set in the right place; there are many different options for ant baits so you can make sure they are not only effective but safe if you have pets or little ones in the house. There are also natural options for treatment, such as using chalk or cinnamon to draw a line across the point of access into the house. When treating an infestation, don’t forget to check outside your home as well – fumigate ant colonies outside that are serving as a base camp for all the little ant-soldiers marching though your property. 

Hire a Professional

Some infestations are so serious that it will be very difficult to use a DIY treatment to resolve them. When you hire a pest control professional to handle your ant infestation, you’re contracting someone with the knowledge and experience to quickly and effectively take care of the problem. The right technician will not only know how to treat an ant infestation – they’ll know signs to look out for that indicate other infestations you might have and will be able to advise you on pest control options and preventative methods for the future. 

If you’re dealing with an ant infestation, it’s time to take action. Those who prefer a DIY approach should definitely try to attack the problem on their own first…but keeping in mind that the option of hiring a professional can be very beneficial. If you aren’t the DIY-type and don’t want to spend your time or money on policing ants in your home, professional pest control is the way to go. Target Pest Control is the best in the area, so give them a call today if you’re located in Salinas, CA or the surrounding areas.