If the thought of spiders setting up camp in the shadowy corners of your home fills you with dread, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many people are afraid of spiders…or just simply don’t want them around! If that sounds like you, here are some ways to get rid of a spider problem in your home.

1. Suck them up

Yes, that’s correct – suck them up. There are special spider-catching tools available, in the event that you would like to trap them without causing harm so you can release them outside. As a viable alternative, you can just use a normal vacuum or dustbuster and skip the release-in-the-wild step.

2. Clean up the exterior of your home

Check around the perimeter of your house to see if there are convenient hiding places for spiders that need to be moved. A woodpile stacked against the exterior of your home, for example, creates a nice, cozy hiding place for spiders waiting to make their way inside. Trim tree and bush branches to ensure they aren’t brushing up against the structure, increasing the likelihood that spiders (and other pests!) take advantage of easy access to your home.

3. Remove the attraction

While light may not necessarily attract spiders, it does attract the insects they love to feast on. Turn off exterior lights at night or use sodium vapor lights in order to attract fewer bugs. Cover pet food outside and keep a lid on your trash at all times. Trash and food attract flies, and spiders love a tasty fly as an evening meal.

4. Keep up with home maintenance

Make sure to inspect your home regularly, starting with the exterior, for conditions that may be conducive to a spider problem. Seal cracks and crevices, install a door sweep and make sure openings around cable or plumbing entry points are sealed as much as possible to prevent the little critters from getting inside.

5. Do a deep clean inside your home

Now that you’ve cleaned up the exterior and removed some things that attract spiders, it’s time to get the inside in tip-top shape. Remove clutter around the house so spiders have fewer places to hide and build webs. Clean areas that may attract other bugs that spiders like to eat…starve them out of your house! These are just a few ways to get rid of a spider problem in your home – there are many others. One of the best ways is to hire a spider control professional. We know you might be a DIY-er extraordinaire…but if you’re already DIY-ing other projects, why not leave this one to a professional? Instead of allowing a spider problem to get out of hand, it’s best to just let a highly trained spider control pro eliminate the issue once and for all. If you live in or around Salinas, CA, call Target Pest Control to set up a free evaluation with a pro who is ready to rid your home of spiders for good!