Black Widows are one of the few venomous spiders found in the United States. They have a distinctive solid black head, abdomen, and legs. With one distinguishing marking of a red hourglass on the underside of their abdomen, Black Widow spiders are pretty easy to identify. There are some spiders who mimic the appearance of the Black Widows, so avoiding any strikingly black spiders with a red marking is always a good idea. But if you have a Black Widow problem, you will need to take care of it quickly to reduce the chances of your family or yourself being bitten.

Attempting to get rid of Black Widows on your own

It is important to keep in mind that one bite from a Black Widow could cause you to wind up in the hospital. A single bite can cause symptoms like:

  • Swelling around the bite
  • Muscle spasms
  • Cramps
  • Aches
  • Nausea

If you have Black Widows in or near you home, and you want to remove them, a few tips include:

  • Wear protective clothing: When dealing with Black Widows, wear gloves and long-sleeved clothing to reduce the chances of being bitten.
  • Remove spider nests: If you find a messy spider web in your home, carefully remove the nests using a broom or vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Take precautions.
  • Seal entry points: Prevent Black Widow spiders from entering your home by sealing gaps and cracks around doors, windows, and other potential entry points. Use caulk or weatherstripping as needed.
  • Reduce hiding places: Declutter and organize your storage areas to reduce hiding spots for Black Widows. Remove piles of wood, debris, and outdoor clutter.
  • Outdoor lighting: Consider switching to yellow outdoor lighting, because these lightbulbs are less attractive to insects, which in turn reduces the prey available to Black Widows.

Call a professional

While you can take care of a Black Widow that may be within reach or in a place that you and your family frequent, more Black Widows may be around your property. Because Black Widows seek places that are dark and secluded, you may stumble upon one when getting something out of the garage or basement, and risk getting bit.

After seeing a Black Widow on your property, it is a good idea to call in a professional pest control exterminator to thoroughly check your property and remove any Black Widows that may be lurking around.

Remember that Black Widow spiders are generally not aggressive and will only bite in self-defense. However, their bites can be painful and potentially dangerous, especially to children, the elderly, or individuals with compromised immune systems. If you or someone else is bitten by a Black Widow spider, seek medical attention immediately.

Always exercise caution when dealing with potentially venomous spiders and consider seeking professional assistance if you’re uncertain about handling the problem on your own. If you need help removing Black Widows from your home, give Target Pest Control in Salinas, CA, a call today.