No bug can make your skin crawl like a scurrying cockroach racing across your floor or falling out of a bathroom towel left on the ground. But cockroaches are more than just a major creep-out factor. They can carry harmful bacteria that can infect your food, getting you sick. If you are wanting to get rid of cockroaches from your Pacific Grove home, there are many tips and products over-the-counter that you can purchase. But to completely eliminate a cockroach problem, calling in a professional will exterminate every last one of these filthy critters so that you never have to endure the fright of seeing a cockroach skitter past your foot or find one crawling on the shower wall again.


  • Containing all food used in the kitchen
  • Promptly take out kitchen and bathroom trash when full
  • Keep trash away from the outside of the house
  • Don’t let any water stand inside the home


  • Smear marks- Cockroaches often hang out in wet, damp areas in the home. If the cockroaches are very active in one area, they scurry through water, and leave brown, smear marks on surfaces and sometimes at the wall and floor junctions.
  • Casings or Capsules- Cockroaches lay a lot of eggs. You may not find the eggs when searching for signs of cockroaches, but it is very possible to find the egg casting left behind after the eggs hatch.
  • Droppings- Cockroaches leave behind tiny droppings, but because there can be a good number of droppings in one place, you may notice it.
  • Exoskeletons- like other insects, cockroaches have an exoskeleton that they have to shed in order to grow


Cockroaches climb and scamper through all types of trash and filth. They can carry bacteria from sewers and other disgusting places right into your home. They can even hide inside the toilet bowl. Cockroaches have even been known to eat food particles left on your toothbrush if not washed out properly. Cockroaches are known to carry bacteria such as listeria, E. Coli, and salmonella as well as increase allergies and asthma in those who already suffer from these respiratory problems.

If you have a cockroach problem, you want to ensure that your family never suffers from illness-inducing bacteria. Begin treatment fast after the first sign of cockroaches.


There are many different ways to treat cockroaches. You can buy:

  • Roach traps
  • Bait Stations
  • Diatomaceous Earth used in a thin layer in hard to reach areas
  • Roach sprays
  • Boric acid in a thin layer in hard to reach areas that are draft-free

Or you can contact a friendly and trusted pest control service to totally eradicate your current and even future cockroach problems. For those who live in Pacific Grove, CA, call the best pest professionals at Target Pest Control to help you eliminate cockroaches from your home.