The destruction caused by termites can be devastating and extensive. Termites can be chomping away at your home unnoticed for years before you realize the damage they have done. Having a regular termite inspection by a professional can keep you from paying thousands in repairs. Keeping a sharp eye out for possible signs of termites can also help keep your home safe from this destructive infestation. But if you really want to protect your home from the devastating effects of termites, a professional pest control company will have the experience and thoroughness to be sure your home is clear of termites or begin treating your home so you can be termite and worry-free.

Signs of termites

Termites can silently eat your home completely unnoticed because they are repelled by light. Only the swarmers, the termites who have wings and go out in search of new colonies, will likely be seen out and about. Because termites stay hidden, the signs of termites are subtle and you must know what to look for. A few signs of termites include:

  • Floor or wood around windows that are blistered, warped, or appear to have water damage.
  • Shed wings on exterior window sills.
  • Piles of sawdust under wooden furniture, woodwork, or behind wall hangings.
  • Woodwork appears thin or hollow
  • Clicking sounds at night
  • Mud tubes on the foundation or under the house

It is also important if you see a swarmer termite to know the difference between winged termites and winged ants. Distinctions between ants and termites are:

  • Ants have a wasp-like or pinched waist while termites bodies go straight back from their heads
  • Ant wings have two sets with the top set longer than the bottom. Termites have two sets of wings but both sets are similar in size.
  • Ants have bent or elbowed antennae while termites’ antennae are straight.

How often

Having regular, trained eyes on your property will keep your house from being destroyed by termites or at least catch an infestation early. Knowing the signs of termites is helpful but can feel burdensome and cause you to worry as if you are not looking hard enough. Put your mind at ease and have a professional inspect your home at least once a year. A yearly inspection and treatment if necessary will cut off any potential damage from getting out of control and you can know that your greatest asset, your home, is safe from being termite food.


There are a few things you can do to prevent your home from being easily accessible to termites.

  • Keeping dirt and flower bed mulch below the foundation. If the termites can infest the mulch and have cover from dirt to find cracks and holes in the foundation, you are basically inviting a termite infestation into your home.
  • Wood piles and old stumps close to the house also bring these destructive pests too close for comfort.
  • Fix any water leaks immediately

If you are in Salinas, CA, and need to set up an initial inspection and a yearly treatment plan, call the friendly team at Target Pest Control today!