No matter where your home is located, you’re at risk for a rodent infestation. They live everywhere from big cities to way out in the country, so it’s important to be aware of the conditions that attract them and how to best prevent them. Here’s how you can prevent a rodent infestation to keep your property free of those creepy little critters.

1. Keep up with regular home maintenance tasks.

Rodents have an uncanny ability to squeeze through the smallest cracks and crevices. Inspect your home regularly for points of access, paying careful attention to entry points for cables, pipes, and wiring around the property. Make sure to seal openings, cracks, and other places they might sneak through.

2. Make sure your yard is properly maintained.

As if there weren’t enough to do in keeping up with home maintenance, now there’s yardwork too?! Keeping your lawn in tip-top shape actually does a lot when it comes to rodent control. Rodents hide in tall grass, marking out paths on their regularly used routes around your property. If they’re already finding shelter in tall grass, they’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the structure of your home. Give them a chance, and they’ll find a way in. So hop on the mower and pull out the weed-eater – you’ll boost your curb appeal AND keep rodents under control at the same time… a win-win!

3. Remove the things and conditions that attract rodents.

Rodents will flourish under the right conditions – it’s important to be aware of what those conditions are and make sure to eliminate them before it’s too late. Keep in mind that rodents, like other pests, are usually looking for three things – food, water, and shelter. Evaluate your property to see if you have conditions that are inviting rodents to take up residence! Here are a few to get you thinking in the right direction:

  • Move your woodpile regularly so rodents don’t set up a nest underneath.
  • Cover or move pet food and water dishes – that just looks like a buffet line for rodents.
  • Keep your trash can and compost sealed up tight – an open trash can is an open invitation to hungry rodents.
  • Deep clean your home – life gets busy, and it’s easy for crumbs and other rodent-delicacies to get swept to the side instead of properly cleaned up.
  • Remove clutter in the attic and areas people don’t frequent to ensure you aren’t providing comfy hiding places for rodents to set up camp.

Rodents carry disease and can cause considerable property damage – prevention is key when it comes to keeping your home free of a rodent infestation. It’s important to be aware of conditions that attract these pests and make sure those conditions are not present on your property to keep your home and those that live in it safe and healthy. If you’re already juggling responsibilities in other areas of life and would like professional help preventing rodent infestations, call Target Pest Control for a free estimate.