The thought of any type of creepy crawly infesting your home can be quite unsettling. Seeing a spider or cockroach scurrying across the floor can really creep you out. But there are some infestations that carry quite a hefty cost potential and could cause a lot of damage to your largest asset, your home. Termites can be so devastating to a home because they are repelled by light, so they stay hidden in your walls, floors, and attic, happily munching away at your Salinas home. If you see signs of termites, eliminating a termite infestation from your Salinas, CA home is now a number one priority. Keeping a sharp eye out for termites, knowing when to treat them, and how to keep those destructive pests from returning will help keep your home safe from devastating termite damage.


Termites are out of sight and unless you have pretty good hearing or a massive infestation, you probably are not going to hear them eating your house. Knowing the subtle signs to look for to determine if you have termites could be the difference between minor and major termite damage.

What to look for:

  • Small piles of sawdust behind furniture and woodwork
  • Insect wings on outside window sills
  • Warped, blistered, or seemingly water damaged floors
  • Damaged wood that is weak or appears hollow
  • Mud tubes on exterior foundation
  • Dead, alive, or swarms of termites

The last sign may be a little obvious. If you see termites, this is a sign you have termites. But never take the appearance of even one termite lightly.

Having a yearly termite inspection by a professional pest control company is also an excellent way to identify termites so they can be eliminated from your home as soon as possible.


Treating your home for termites needs to be done quickly and thoroughly. You do not want to assume you treated the entire infestation only to realize later down the road that some of the termites were untreated and now are thriving at the expense of your home! There are many different ways to treat termites and most involve sprays and chemicals to kill these pesky, home-eating bugs. If you are in Salinas, CA and prefer non-toxic termite treatments, Target Pest Control has a green option.


Stop termites from returning to your home by having a yearly inspection by a professional. There are also a few things you can do to prevent your home from being easily accessible to termites.

  • Keeping everything from dirt to mulch to shrubs away from the foundation is essential. If the termites can infest the mulch and have cover from dirt to find cracks and holes in the foundation, you are basically inviting a termite infestation into your home.
  • Wood piles and old stumps close to the house also bring termites right up to your doorstep.
  • Fix any water leaks immediately

If you are in Salinas, CA and need to set up an initial inspection and a yearly treatment plan, call the friendly team at Target Pest Control today!