Maintaining a clean environment is an important part of running a successful business. One of the best investments you can make is regular pest control to keep your business free of intruders that can cause expensive damage or stain your reputation around town. If you have commercial properties, you may want to consider professional monthly pest control for your business as a way to ensure your employees and customers can operate in a pest free zone.

For some businesses, pests could be a greater liability than others. For example, restaurants and hotels need to keep pests away because their business depends upon it. One wandering insect in a restaurant can shut a business down. We have all heard the stories of hotels that spread bed bugs. These types of encounters can taint a customer’s view of an establishment for many years and ruin the business’ reputation.

Other types of businesses may require a less frequent pest management program. For example, warehouses are less likely to be affected by a stray pest or two. Instead of a monthly appointment, some businesses may choose a quarterly program. Nonetheless, a consistent visit from a pest control expert is necessary to prevent costly damage or abysmal working conditional for workers.

What kinds of pests should I be concerned about?

Commercial properties are prone to many of the same pests as residential homes. With employees and customers coming in and out of office buildings or retail stores, pests have many opportunities to enter into the buildings. Spiders, cockroaches, ants, rodents and termites are among some of the most common. In addition to consistent cleaning practices, a pest control company can provide ongoing treatment to prevent pests from invading your business space.

How to find a pest control expert

When looking for an exterminator, there are a few things you should take into consideration:

  • Reputation– What companies do neighbors and friends recommend based upon their past experiences? Who do other commercial properties around town depend on for their pest control needs? A quality company will have happy customers ready to share their positive experiences.
  • Health & Safety– What kinds of pest management systems does the company utilize? Do they use chemicals that may be harsh to your workers or customers?
  • Warranty- Does the company provide a guarantee or warranty if pest issue arise between appointments?
  • Value- Does the company offer plans that are affordable and effective?

If your commercial property needs to maintain a pest free environment, monthly pest control appointments are a great way to keep pests away. Experts can quickly identify issues and resolve them before they grow to a point where they affect your business. Whether you choose a monthly or quarterly plan, Target Pest Control is ready to serve your commercial property needs. Our experts utilize an integrated pest management system to create a custom treatment plan for your property. We make it easy to schedule regular visits to ensure your business maintains the highest level of cleanliness. Contact us today for a free quote on a custom plan to serve your needs.