Termites can cause some of the most expensive damage compared with other pest infestations. Hidden deep in your walls, attic, or floors, termites can eat away at your home for years undiscovered. Termites eat the cellulose in wooden boards and furniture, leading to extensive structural damage if left unchecked. Termites are active in most parts of the country, including California. If your current home has not had a run-in with termites, the chances that it will in the future, or the possibility that your next home will is high. Termites are quite prevalent and most people will be affected by termites at some point in their lives. The damage unseen termites can do can be very expensive and even attack the structural integrity of your home if not caught early enough. You can reduce the cost of termite damage and keep your home intact by having a regular, yearly termite inspection by a professional termite exterminator.

What attracts termites?

A routine termite inspection by a professional pest control company is the best way to stop an early termite infestation from damaging your home. But to reduce your chances of getting termites in the first place, being aware of what attracts termites can help keep these little destroyers away. Termites need a wood source for food and have to have some sort of access to water. Basements and leaky rooves can be prime environments for termite colonies.

  • Flower bed mulch that touches your foundation without any kind of barrier between house and flower beds can quickly become infested with termites, giving them food, cover, and time to find all the cracks, holes, and crevice access straight into your home.
  • Wood piles also attract termites and if the pile is too close to the house, can bring termites within range to see your house as a place for termites to extend their colony.
  • Old, dead stumps can also attract termites closer to your home than you are comfortable with.

How can I tell I have termites?

Keeping a keen eye out for signs of termites can help you catch the infestation sooner, reducing damage and strain on your wallet. A few signs for termites are:

  • Small piles of sawdust looking excrement under wooden furniture and woodwork.
  • Warped or seemingly water damaged floors
  • Thin or hollow looking woodwork
  • Light clicking sounds at night

How expensive is termite damage?

Obviously, the sooner you identify and begin treating a termite infestation, the cheaper the repairs will be. But termite damage can easily be upwards of $1000 and depending on where the infestation is, can cause severe damage to your home. If left unaddressed for years, the house can even be deemed unlivable. Don’t risk your greatest asset, your home, with these invasive, destroying termites. Protect your home and your wallet by having a yearly termite inspection by a trusted termite exterminating company. If you live in Salinas, CA, Target Pest Control is the friendly pest control company that will inspect and treat your home for termites, to protect your family home from the devastating effects of termites. Call Target Pest Control to set up your initial inspection today!