Mice infest houses because it provides them with a steady supply of food and water. While a mouse control expert can eliminate mice from your home quickly and thoroughly, in the age of DIY, it is possible to get rid of mice on your own. Understanding what to look for and how to make your home less attractive to mice can help you get rid of these furry little creatures for good.

Where to look for an infestation

Knowing where mice are likely to hang out can give you a good idea how serious your mouse problem is. Mice are nocturnal creatures, which means that they are most active at night. They also do not like to cross paths with humans if they can avoid it so looking in less frequented places in your home is the best way to find a mouse’s favorite spot. A few places to look for mice are:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • In the back of a closet
  • In an outdoor shed
  • Garage
  • Unused cabinets
  • Under the sink

You can also pull out your big appliances away from the wall to see if you have any mouse droppings underneath. Because of their cumbersome size, you are less likely to sweep underneath your refrigerator or oven, making it an ideal place to hang out if you are a mouse. Also, fallen food can roll under these appliances making it an easy place for a mouse to eat without being disturbed.


Once you find evidence of a mouse in your home, it is time to start laying out traps so you can eradicate the problem.

Place live or snap traps in the places that you find the most droppings or shredded nesting material. While mice like all types of food, baiting them with peanut butter is highly effective because they will have to take their time licking it off instead of swiping it and taking it to eat in a safe location.

Check your traps every day to see if the bait remains on the trap or if you have caught a mouse.

After catching a mouse, be on the lookout for more signs of mice to determine if you still have mice in your home.


If you successfully eliminate your mouse problem and want to make sure you don’t have to treat mice again in the future, take precautions to reduce the mouse magnets in your home. A few ways to prevent mice from infesting your home are to:

  • Eliminate food source: Keep all food stored away in airtight containers. Keep a good lid on your indoor and outdoor trash cans. Clean up food trash and do not leave food out on your countertops.
  • Keep your landscaping trim: Mice can get on your roof or have more access to entry points if your landscaping is overgrown or too close to your house. Keep everything neat and trim to prevent mice from coming inside your home.
  • Get an outdoor cat: Cats are natural predators to mice. If you don’t like the idea of having a pet indoors, keep a cat outside and feed it near your house.
  • Regularly inspect your property for mouse activity so you can be ready to put out traps again.

If your mouse problem isn’t going away, give Target Pest Control in Salinas, CA a call today.