When it comes to pest control services, it’s important to have only the best. Who wants to deal with ants in the kitchen, rats eating the inventory in your warehouse, or finding spiders on your pillow at night?! If you happen to be located in the Salinas, CA area, you’re in luck! Target Pest Control offers a variety of services to keep pests at bay in your residential or commercial property. No matter the pest, no matter the property – Target Pest Control is the best option when it comes to keeping your Salinas home or business pest-free. 


Target offers IPM; this pest control strategy provides a comprehensive approach to treatment and gives you the best protection for your property. A professional pest control technician will perform a complete evaluation of the affected and surrounding sites to determine what pest(s) needs to be addressed, so as to develop an efficient and effective treatment plan. 


While it’s important to prevent and treat pests in your home, it’s even more important to do it in a way that is safe for your family…including your fur-babies! Target Pest Control offers kid- and eco-friendly fumigation services, using treatments that will be effective when it comes to eradicating pests while still keeping those you love safe.


The best pest control companies understand the importance of relationship and consistency. That’s why Target Pest Control will assign the same technician to your property as much as possible – your technician will be familiar with the property, the history of treatment, and will be able to develop a relationship with you to take a team-approach when it comes to keeping your property pest-free.


Routine treatment is extremely important when it comes to high-quality pest control services. Target Pest Control offers both one-time service as well as annual pest control. Because you’ll have a dedicated technician, you’ll receive consistent, qualified advice regarding the best frequency for fumigation based on the unique needs of your property. 


Being the best at something means quality assurance for the service provided. If you’re looking for the best pest control services in Salinas, be sure you choose one that does what they say they’ll do. Target Pest Control has a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee – if you have a recurrence of a problem after they treat the property, Target will come back at no cost to you to make it right and take care of the issue as soon as possible. 

It’s extremely important to do your due diligence when choosing a pest control company – knowing the right questions to ask and what services are offered will help you determine the best fit for your needs. If you’re in the Salinas, CA area, your search will be a simple one – testimonials from satisfied clients speak volumes to the quality of service provided by Target Pest Control. Make the best choice when it comes to controlling pests on your property and call Target Pest Control today for a free estimate.