Rodents…just the thought of coming across a mouse or rat in your home is enough to give most people the chills. Considering the fact that rodents are known to carry disease and be destructive little critters, it’s no wonder that we spend so much time and money attempting to keep them at bay. Whether you currently have a problem or are just looking to prevent issues in the future, here are 3 tips to keep rodents out of your house

  1. Keep up with home maintenance projects.

Rodents have the ability to squeeze through cracks and crevices and invade areas that you never would have thought possible. It’s important to regularly check your home for points of access that need to be sealed or grated, such as the entry points for plumbing, cables, and vents. Make sure leaky faucets and pipes are fixed as soon as possible to avoid attracting rodents to an easy supply of fresh water. Clear shrubbery and overgrowth away from the exterior of your house to get rid of places they can easily hide as they attempt to enter the home. Stay on top of regular cleaning, ensuring crumbs aren’t left on floors and counters, and keep your garage door and other doors and windows closed to avoid an unwanted little pest slipping into your house. 

  1. Remove the things that attract them.

Rodents are searching to meet their basic needs – food, water, and shelter. Be proactive in prevention by regularly checking your property for things that might invite little critters to take up residence in YOUR residence. 

  • Make sure pet food isn’t left out in the open for rodents to munch on
  • Keep trash cans covered and secured
  • Move bird feeders far away from the house
  • Regularly move wood piles and other items in the backyard around so rodents don’t get comfortable using them as temporary shelters on the way to a permanent shelter…in your home
  • Make sure compost containers are sealed
  1. Go on the offense. 

If more aggressive action is needed to stop a rodent problem in your home, try setting baited traps. There are many different types of traps you can review to choose the one that will work best for your situation – there are even humane ones that will allow you to release the rodent (far from your property!) if you wish. If you would prefer to use something other than traps, try plug-in devices that emit a high-frequency noise that will deter rodents from coming near. Or, if you’re looking to grow your family, adopt an outdoor cat! You’ll have a new fur-baby to love, and the cat will surely stay entertained catching all the little critters trying to invade your home. 

Keeping rodents out of your house is an ongoing task. If you aren’t treating an active infestation, you should still be in prevention-mode. If you don’t have the time or energy to tackle yet another project in life, consider calling a professional. If you’re located in the Salinas, CA area, Target Pest Control has a qualified and capable staff ready to help you keep rodents out of your home – give them a call today for a free estimate.