Nothing can be more worrying for homeowners than the possibility of a termite infestation. Only fire can wreak as much havoc on a home as a termite colony that has been undiscovered and eating away at your biggest asset, your home. Though termites stay out of sight and quietly eat the cellulose out of the wood in your house, there are ways for you to prevent this hidden threat from literally eating you out of your house and home. Here are 3 termite prevention tips for homeowners.

Your foundation

Unless you have an easy entry point for termites to fly in, the winged swarmers can not simply waltz into your home. They have to find a way in and many times they try to come in through the foundation. Keeping a close eye on your foundation whether slab or on piers, is an excellent way to keep your home safe. Termites will create mud tunnels to conceal themselves as they get close to your foundation and look for small cracks or holes to enter your home. Be sure that mulch in your flower beds or even the soil does not come up above your foundation line and it is a good idea to not let anything directly touch your foundation. Termites can infest mulch and if the mulch is up against your foundation, termites have food and time to find the best place for entry into your house.

Water inside

Every creature needs food and water. If termites have chosen your home to be their home, they have enough food in the wood in your walls. But finding a water source in your house is now all they need to thrive. If you have small water leaks in your home, fixing these issues immediately will keep your home from looking like the perfect place for termites to live.

Roof damage during the winter months can cause just enough water to come in to quench the thirst of a colony of termites. Be sure to check for any outside damage that may let water into the home.

Termite inspections

The best termite prevention tip is to set up a regular termite inspection done by a professional pest control company. You can do your best to keep your foundation clear of debris and your home watertight, but having trained eyes to look for evidence of termites and knowing what to do when they find them is invaluable and will be the best line of defense from termites. Having a trained, experienced technician inspecting your property at least once a year will keep termites out of your home or will stop their infestation early, to prevent your home from becoming bug food. If you live in Monterey County, CA, choose your best defense against termites by setting up a consultation with Target Pest Control today. These experienced professionals will inspect and treat your home for termites while providing excellent customer service and care. Give Target Pest Control a call today!